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The larger acne patch. When one acne patch just won’t cut it, Mighty Patch Surface covers XL sized breakout areas (think: jawline, back, and chest) to flatten the look of big pimple clusters. The sticky hydrocolloid strip is tapered to fit the contours of your face and body, so it’ll stay where you put it, no matter what. Bye-bye, bacne.


What's in the box

10 Surface patches

60mm x 25mm patches. Tapered edges and a clear matte finish to suit all skin types. Plastic backing is perforated for easy peel-off.



Hydrocolloid (May not be suitable for people who are allergic to pectin or rubber. Mighty Patch is latex-free.)

Works on all skin types:

  • Protects from picking
  • Extracts impurities
  • Vegan & cruelty free

Surface Mighty Patch

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