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Sharon Gilbert

Crowning Alternatives started as dream over 20 years ago while I was working in a hair salon as a cosmetologist. I was asked by a dear client to help her pick a wig to be worn while undergoing chemotherapy. I knew on that day that this was my calling. I registered the name but it was not until my own Mom received a cancer diagnosis a decade later that I expanded my career to include selling wigs.


To date Crowning Alternatives has helped countless men, women and children select wigs and accessories to reflect their own style and beauty. Our goal is to give each client access to the best products and services in order to give them a sense of self confidences and control of their self image.  Most importantly when you look good, you feel better, which can aide in the recovery process.

Whether your purchase is medical or cosmetic at Crowning Alternatives, we understand that choosing a wig is an important and emotional decision. 

We also understand the intricacies of how wigs are made, styled, fitted and maintained.

We are dedicated to ensuring you remain comfortable and and as informed as possible during each step of the selection process, in addition to questions or concerns that may arise in the future.

Comfort and confidentiality are paramount at Crowning Alternatives.

​During your initial consultation we will inquire about your wig needs, preferences and expectations. When we meet you will try wigs and also hats and accessories that may be useful. We will go over how to wear and maintain your wig to ensure its longevity and natural appearance. 

If necessary we offer services and customization for your wigs by a stylist with over 30 years experience.

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