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ZO® SKIN HEALTH by Zein Obagi, MD

ZO® Skin Health by Zein Obagi, MD is a comprehensive array of products that we prescribe to our patients to maintain and boost the results of therapeutic treatment. The ZO® Skin Health line boast a variety of different products for different skin conditions. Many of our patients will use ZO® Skin Health products in conjunction with ZO® Medical products to enhance and prolong their results achieved. Consult your skin specialist at the Brightwater Spa to see what your new skincare regimen entails. 


Obagi is a uniquely powerful skin care line that offers a wide range of benefits, including anti-aging and rejuvenating actions. The range features many regimens that work together to achieve a targeted goal using high-quality, potent ingredients and well-researched technologies. The Obagi system may help: diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; increase smoothness; reduce pore size; improve elasticity; generate a balanced, even skin tone; normalize oil production; correct blemishes; reduce age spots and other hyperpigmentation; increase the skin's own ability to hold moisture; and increase the skin's tolerance to external factors.


The skinbetter science team of aesthetic experts developed Restylane and Dysport and has a deep understanding of skin aging and what it takes to help defy the effects of time. A comprehensive approach to age management requires more than aesthetic procedures. It also demands a  commitment to a health lifestyle and effective skincare. Tapping our knowledge, we set out to create a new paradigm in clinical skincare. 


We collaborate with leading scientists from around the world to develop powerful anti-aging products. Clinically proven to deliver impressive results, that are easy on the most sensitive skin.

We believe that to create new breakthroughs in skin care technology, we must dare to dream, fearlessly. Founded by biotech entrepreneurs and scientists, SENTÉ® is driven by a sense of wonder and scientific discovery. Our mission is to challenge beliefs and the status quo within the skincare industry.

Dr. Dennis Gross

NYC dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross formulates all products based on his patients’ skincare needs. Products are never tested on animals—and most are vegan. You’ll see visible result with the advanced ingredient combinations and medical grade formulas—without irritation. 


SKINCARE® is a scientifically advanced luxury skincare company that bridges the gap between science and beauty. INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® is dedicated to producing highly effective, clinically-validated skincare products that deliver dramatic physiological improvements to the skin.


Our passion is to make natural skin care products that are safe and effective for people of all ages and skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. In fact, our founder began his research in 1988 in order to provide a solution for his own children who had sensitive skin due to fragrances, preservatives and dyes found in most skin care products. Since then, Hylunia has grown to be the trusted skin care brand used by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, physicians, estheticians and exclusive spas around the world because of our products' unique anti-inflammatory properties.


Trusted by Physicians and Exclusive Spas Around the World

Hymed®'s  passion is to make natural skin care products that are safe and effective for people of people of all ages and skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. In fact, their founder Dr. Link, a rocket scientist began his research in 1988 in order to provide a solution for his own children who had sensitive skin and suffered allergic reactions to the fragrances and preservatives found in most skin care products. Since then, Hymed® has grown to be the trusted skin care brand used by physicians and exclusive spas around the world because of its unique anti-inflammatory properties.


We created this line to blend science and nature, sensorial pleasure and visual chic, dermatological expertise and gentle daily care. 100% made in Switzerland. We develop our products sensually, paying great attention to our textures and fragrances. Our delicate aromas relax you, while never irritating your skin or competing with your perfume.


Dr. Murad's unique products are scientifically formulated to deliver the most dramatic results. The formulas contain Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids, antioxidants like Vitamins A, C and E, anti-irritants, liposemes, ceramides and specific additional ingredients to address multiple skin concerns, including acne-prone skin, dry skin, skin discoloration and photo damage.


CV Skinlabs has successfully developed a skin care line that has an unprecedented standard for safety—plus the potent ingredients to return to skin a youthful radiance and glow. Setting the bar higher than ever before on the safety of the ingredients, the functioning of the packaging, and the thoroughness of the testing has produced products that may be used with full confidence by men and women, and specifically by those with chemical sensitivities, sensitive skin, and conditions like eczema, dermatitis and chronic dryness.


Skinade is a multi-award winning, natural peach and mangosteen flavoured anti-ageing collagen drink containing a patent pending formulation of active ingredients that aims to boost your body's natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Skinade aims to improve the way your skin looks and feels in as little as 30 days.


With 25 years' experience, Guinot has developed skin care products recommended exclusively by professionals, who create customized beauty treatments for you.


What do the most prestigious spas in the world have in common? YON-KA, an unequaled technical product superiority based on 38 years of leadership in botanical science with Aromatherapy, Phytotherapy, Thalasso-therapy and Fruit Acids technologies.


Welcome to Jane Iredale mineral cosmetics—the most technically advanced makeup in the world. Our makeup is not just refinement of conventional makeup. It's a new technology. So effective it is recommended by  plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals.


At COOLA we're passionate about creating beautiful product experiences that embody a happy, healthy lifestyle. We believe that clean beauty should feel as good as it is healthy, which is why we're on a quest to develop organic products you'll love wearing everyday.


Experts in skin with more than 40 years of experience in dermatology. Well established in Europe, Latin America and Asia. We provide a complete range of dermatological solutions with the highest quality standard.


PHYTOMER is one of the only skincare companies in the world that has mastered marine biotechnologies, which is the use of marine micro-organisms to produce new, totally unprecedented, natural active ingredients.

This new high-tech biochemistry, derived from the medical and pharmeceutical industries, paves the way for increasingly effective and sensorial formulas with a reduced impact on the environment.

Backed by unique biotechnological know-how, PHYTOMER’s Advanced Research team has created a new generation of active ingredients: EPS, unique and inimitable natural sugars. They include XMF, which smooths wrinkles in 1 hour and the remarkable VMR, which has powerful retexturing properties for a perfect skin texture*


We use the finest organic extracts in gentle formulas for the most natural looking tan. Our products are hydrating, fast-drying and odorless. They have been created to feel like nothing on your skin and fade beautifully, just like a natural sun tan.


The nighttime acne patch. Got a pimple emergency? Ditch the zit cream. Mighty Patch is a cleaner way to visibly shrink whiteheads overnight. The magic is our super high-quality hydrocolloid, a natural fluid-absorbing gel pad that gently pulls out all the gunk trapped inside your pimple. No popping necessary. Just stick it on, get some beauty sleep, and wake up with better skin. 


We are Melissa and Nick (aka a wife-and-hubby team), founders of Cannabliss Organic. With family roots in the beauty industry and past experience in hemp wellness and cultivation, it was natural for us to create a lifestyle brand that combined these two loves. We hope to remove the stigma of cannabis and encourage all to incorporate CBD into their daily routine. Our skincare products are made with a high concentration of full spectrum hemp oil that is specially blended with ancient Korean herbs to work in synergy with the body and to nurture and heal. Here’s to pure bliss!


CAUSE+MEDIC is an all-natural skincare line combining the healing properties of cannabis with other active botanical ingredients, to enhance skin health and radiance. Every ingredient is consciously selected, responsibly sourced, and cruelty free. We strive to create a greener, more sustainable skincare regimen and believe mother nature provides the recipe.  


Dermasuri, an award-winning skincare company, uses ancient Eastern beauty formulations in its distinctive line of exfoliation products. Known as Hollywood’s red carpet secret to create glowing skin, Dermasuri products are globally preferred by skin care specialists, makeup artists and beauty experts.

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