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NEW COOLA products in stock!! Make sure you’re giving your skin the protection it needs/deserves! 😎☀️
Sugarfina Tropical Gift Set 🍍🥥
•LIMITED edition trio features Sugarfina Piña Colada Gummie Bears, Sugarfina Island Pineapple Gummies, and COOLA’s classic Organic Piña Colada SPF 30 Spray - the perfect gift!!
Full Spectrum 360 Refreshing Water Mist SPF 18 💧
•A weightless Water Mist that helps keep you hydrated, refreshed, and protected no matter where the day takes you! Protects against HEV light (blue light)
Classic Body Organic Spray SPF 70 🍑
• COOLA’s HIGHEST SPF protection yet!! ... and it’s peach scented 🍑

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