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Classes start in January!
Register now. Limited Space.


Isn’t it time to stop the madness and give your body
what it has wanted all along? VIBRANT HEALTH!

“Eat like a rainbow!”


Losing weight alone will not make you healthy. Creating a perfect balance of quality foods,exercise and positive thoughts will! Find your own bio-identity and how to serve it best and experience a new vitality! We give you all the tools—shopping, preparation and support!


Education, Support and Coaching with Integrated Nutritionist and Board Certified Holistic Coach, Judy Templeton


Demonstration and education to select nutrient dense ingredients
and meal planning with Personal Chef and Certified Integrative Health
and Nutrition Counselor, Erin Martin Nelson 


Support group on Mondays at noon
beginning January 8th at Brightwater Spa


Experience it NOW! If not now…when? 


or more or call 443-766-9540

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