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Hello Brightwater Family!

We have some happy/sad news to share with everyone - Our nail tech, Bella, is getting married and moving to Florida!

As sad as we are to see her move on, we are beyond excited and happy for her as she begins a new chapter

Her official last day with us is Friday, 6/17/22.


With that being said, we are sincerely sorry to say that we will be taking a break from offering nail services until we can find a replacement. Bella has very big shoes to fill and we want to make sure we find someone who is as wonderful as her. Please be patient with us as we are doing our best to welcome a new member to our family. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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Nail Treatments



Refresh your look with natural nail service. Shaping, buffing, cuticle cleaning, polish and re-hydrating from fingertip to elbow. 

(30 minutes) $30  



Shellac is the breakthrough technology that combines a traditional manicure with a chip-free extended-wear color.

(45 minutes) $45 / French $55


Slip into a warm, relaxing soak and drift away while we cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate, polish and massage your feet to perfection. 

(60 minutes) $50

Our Ocean Refresh Deluxe pedicure includes a four-step treatment that enriches the skin with key ingredients to give your feet much needed nutrients. Refresh and cool with Algae & Peppermint Extract! Seaweed extract helps to increase circulation. Peppermint gives the feet a cooling sensation.  Includes a Sea Mineral Salt Soak, Foot Scrub, Mud Masque, and a Massage Lotion.

 (60 minutes) - $70 


Light and Color Energy Therapy sessions on the crystal lightbed. For vibrational healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas of the body using crystal, light and color frequencies.  




A licensed Cosmetologist since 1988, Candace was trained and certified in Skin Care with additional classes at the International Dermal Institute. She is a certified Bella Lash Master Educator and Trainer. Her passions include Organic and Natural Wellness. She loves doing eyelash extensions, manicures, pedicures, body scrubs and pampering her clients.

lash extension fORM

If you are a NEW eyelash extension client, please print our Eyelash Extension Consent form and bring with you at the time of your appointment. 

If you are a NEW lash lift client, please print our Lash Lift consent form and bring with you at the time of your appointment.

lash lift fORM

Lash Lift with Tint

$125 (with tint)

$110 (without tint)


Lash lifts and tints are a fantastic option for everyone who is interested in dark, luscious, and beautifully curled lashes with low-maintenance and minimal commitment. 

(Tint available in blue, black, or brown)

*Please Note: This service cannot be performed if you're pregnant or nursing. Lash lifts will not be performed before the 8 week period of your last lift. Lash lifts cannot be performed if any of the contraindications below are current. 


  • Cysts

  • Hordeola/Styes

  • Blepharitis

  • Chemotherapy

  • Skin disease, skin trauma, cuts, abrasions, burns and swelling in the immediate area

  • Weak eyelashes at the therapist discretion on consultation

  • Bells Palsy 

  • Recent permanent make-up procedure (minimum 6-8 weeks before lift)

  • Skin disorders in the general eye area (Dermatitis, Xanthelasma & Syringoma)

  • Eye infections such as Impetigo or Conjunctivitis

  • Eye inflammation such as Uveitis

  • Recent operations around eyes, head or face or scar tissue in immediate areas

  • Keratitis

  • Alopecia

  • Trichotillomania

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