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More natural and more efficient New formula.
- High Naturality: with 97% naturally derived ingredients
- Boosted Efficacy: with a formula enriched with Weaving Algae Oil that fortifies the hydrolipidic film for intense and long-lasting hydration.
Hydra Original Cream provides an optimal sensory experience, thanks to its light melting texture, and its delicate marine scent with fresh and floral notes.


Organic Weaving Algae: restructures skin’s water reservoir.

Organic Weaving Algae Oil: reconstructs the hydrolipidic film of the skin and prevents moisture loss.

Organic Glasswort Oil (seaside plant): improves the circulation and storage of water in the epidermis.

Oligofurcellarane: enhances the surface hyaluronic acid for enhanced hydration.

OLIGOMER®: delivers an optimum dose of trace elements and minerals, stimulates cell vitality for a strengthened skin, more resistant to external aggression.

Hydra Original Cream

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