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We are pleased to announce that we are now offering IV therapy treatments by Thrive Solutions!

Let Thrive help to keep you moving with their preventative & fast-acting
treatments in the comfort of BRIGHTWATER Spa

Thrive Solutions was founded by three friends that have worked in the Baltimore healthcare industry for a number of years in a variety of different settings. Thrive is Maryland’s first completely mobile IV Therapy company - proudly serving Baltimore City and surrounding counties .They bring their experience and passion for well-being with them to serve the citizens of Baltimore City and help them feel their best.

Most people have had an IV at some point in their lives as it is an extremely common and preferable route for medications and fluid regulation in the hospital setting.

Why an IV? Drinking water is a healthy practice and we highly encourage it, but water taken in via the oral route can take hours to be absorbed into your bloodstream via the large intestine. IV hydration introduces fluids directly to your bloodstream immediately, increasing your body’s fluid volume and making you feel better faster. Whether you need additional hydration, a boost to keep you going, a fix from last night, or a stomach bug, be sure that Thrive has a solution for you!


George originally hails from California but moved to Maryland to attend the Johns Hopkins University in pursuit of a medical degree and graduated from the prestigious medical school in 2005. George’s medical career has been focused on Emergency Medicine. As an ER Physician, he understands the need for in-home treatments to avoid unnecessary hospital visits. As the Medical Director of Thrive Solutions, George provides the expertise to ensure each client receives the appropriate treatment for their specific needs so you know you’re in good hands.

"We’ve developed some of the best formulations of vitamins and electrolytes to serve a wide array of needs. If you’re looking to rehydrate, recover, or rejuvenate, Thrive Solutions has an IV hydration treatment that will help you feel and perform better. We also offer including various add-ons to help customize your treatment to your specific goals."

Under the management of a Johns Hopkins Medical School trained Medical Doctor - George Ho, MD, every Thrive Solutions customer will be greeted by a licensed Registered Nurse who will perform an initial assessment followed by the IV hydration therapy of your choice.

Your path to hydration couldn’t be easier!

Our simple process makes it easy for you to get the rejuvenating liquids your body needs.

Simply submit your appointment request with BRIGHTWATER Spa and they will contact us directly to coordinate your date and time.

If you wish to receive treatment in the comfort of your own home, we can also arrange for mobile services to be done as well. 

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