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JUDY TEMPLETON is a certified Integrated Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach and Counselor from

The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, NY.

She has been in the health field for 40 years as a fitness and dance instructor, personal trainer, recreation coordinator and hostess of radio and television shows in Health and Fitness.

It Is All Natural

Judy’s journey in the healing arts evolved from her role as a teacher and student

of the performing arts and has been inspired by her desire to lead an extraordinary life.

This was further enriched by her determination to create vibrant health for her daughter. She has mastered the disciplines of vitamin supplementation, herbs,

dealing with food allergies, organic foods and optimal nutrition. 

Isn’t it time to stop the madness and give your body what it has wanted all along?Vibrant Health! Losing weight alone will not make you healthy.

Creating a perfect balance of quality foods, exercise and positive thoughts will!

Find your own bio-identity, how to serve it best and experience a new vitality!

Experience it NOW! If not NOW—WHEN?

Education, Support and Coaching with Integrated Nutritionist and Board Certified Holistic Coach, Judy Templeton.


Once a month support group on first Thursdays of each month! Call or e-mail for topic.


Judy loves to promote Healthy Habits and can be reached at 443-766-9540

or e-mail her at:

Additional information at:

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